I Decided to Feel Good About That: How to Find a Mantra That Works

I Decided to Feel Good About That: How to Find a Mantra That Works

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The mantra gives you a home base to come back to whenever you notice that your mind has taken an excursion into the past or the future. The mantra is designed to help you return to the present moment.

~Gay Hendricks in The Big Leap, p 145

A mantra, as it is used here, is a word or group of words that helps focus your mind. You are aware of your thoughts, and you know resistant thoughts are counterproductive, but it can still be a challenge to stop thinking the thought you don’t want think. Even in the moment you tell yourself, “I’m not going to think about that thing,” you are thinking about that thing. Rather than trying to stop thinking about it, it is much easier to simply turn your attention to something else. A good mantra helps you pivot from a resistant thought into a thought that elicits relief. It’s easy to pivot your attention when you care about how you feel!

I Decided to Feel Good About That is a 20-minute audio lesson that begins as a conversation about The Twins’ success with the aforementioned mantra, but transforms into a discussion about mantras in general. Kelly and Jessica chat about their respective processes for creating mantras as well as their own definitions of what a mantra is and what purpose it is intended to serve.

Learn more about how to find a mantra that resonates with you and how to put it into practice in this decidedly delicious edition of Earcandy.

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