How to Drop Negative Thoughts with Silent Counting


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When a thought subsides, you experience a discontinuity in the mental stream—a gap of “no-mind.” When these gaps occur, you feel a certain stillness and peace inside you. ~Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now, p 19

There’s nothing inherently wrong with thinking, but most of us have some thought patterns we wouldn’t mind dropping. We have tried many methods to release thought or pivot to a better feeling thought. None of these methods have been more effective than our newest discovery: silent counting. Inspired by Tolle’s advice to practice releasing thought, this method has allowed us to release resistance in astounding new ways.

This 18-minute audio lesson is an in-depth discussion of the benefits we found in silent counting and our progress with it so far. Learn more about the benefits of not thinking, how to release thought, and why silent counting is the single most effective of the dozens of methods we’ve tried for dropping or pivoting from negative thoughts.

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